8.027.51 Udate Issues

After today’s update I can not send or receive mail. I have tried everything eM Client suggested even the repair option and changed password, still no luck. Has to be an issue with the update

I am having the same issue - happened after I updated to this version. Can not figure out what to do to correct

Sorry, actually I can SEND mail from emclient but can not RECEIVE new mail.

I tried a System Restore and my frecking computer has crashed. I have to believe it is related but now I am going have to pay someone to fix my computer !!

Cannot include attachments. Getting Error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. This happened after latest update.

I have same issue. Have to roll back to version 7 as I cannot work without attachments. version 8 is very buggy it seems.

Maybe install version 7 in another folder and use that parallel and wait for v8 to solve each challenge. Love v8 though, sexy, some nice features.

How do you rollback ? Thanks

I was advised by eM Client tech to make a change which did finally work for me using Version 8. I’m running Win 8.1, but my wife is running Win 10 and did not need to do this. Her update to Version 8 worked fine for file attachments, but not for me until I made the following advised change:

Settings>Mail>Compose>Cloud Storage Attachments>Action When Added>Add As Regular Attachment.

Bartman, you are legend. Thank you. Worked perfectly