#7 does not work as #6 did. Syncing & start-up appalling. Any fix please before I uninstall?

Since changing to #7 from #6, emclient takes ages to start-up & syncing is dead-slow & unreliable and that is comparing it with Win10 Mail App!

Yeah! I have the same issue. No longer starts with windows. Endless clicking to get it to start. Very sorry I did the upgrade. Also frequently asking Gmail permissions

sorry to hear about any inconvenience you encounter with version 7.
The windows startup option should be checked in Menu>Tools>Settings>General section. Is the option enabled on your device?
As for the start-up and sync - how many accounts do you have set up? Have you waited for the database migration to finish? 

The Gmail issue - since Gmail is IMAP, I suggest removing and re-adding the account to eM Client. The permission should only be asked once, if it’s asking again, you might need to configure the account anew or even generate a new application password.

If you would prefer version 6, you can uninstall version 7 and download version 6 from our website - link is found in the text under the download button.


Thanks for the reply Olivia, I hadn’t spotted the option to reinstall #6, which I may try.  I think the database migration is the problem & therefore probably still applies to #6 as well as #7, & therefore is down to eM Clients’s way of doing things, if that is so.  Regarding the ‘enabling at startup setting’, I had unchecked this as it hits the startup of the whole machine at startup, which is worse! Thanks anyway. Other than that I do like the email client layout etc. Ben.