7 Beta 2 does not allow signatures?

There is not a way to create a signature in 7 beta 2.  I go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures and there is not a button to click to create a signature.

Looks like you are having some display problem that is not showing the full height of the settings panel and has cut off several items that should appear below the item “Signature for forwards:”

You should also see the following in that undisplayed portion:

Ok.  I will provide more information then.  I am using a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro with Windows 10.  I’m not sure how to change the display settings of that window as there are no resizing options.

On your Surface pro go to System–>Display–>Advanced Display Settings–>Adjust sizing of text and other items

Then set a custom scaling level at the panel that opens. I have a 4K high resolution laptop (Yoga 2 Pro) and have my settings at 235% and eM Client v7 beta 2 works just fine at these settings.

Hello Kyle,
sorry for the late response, the issue must be indeed in your DPI scaling. Check the DPI as IsoQuantic above suggests and let us know what percantage you have set up so we can test it and fix the GUI for this scale.
Thank you.