7.2 PRO download link

Please provide the 7.2 PRO download link. I paid for it but it is nowhere to be found…

Hi, I have the same problem!

Looks like customer service is nowhwere to be found as well. No live support available, it is like customers have to do… group therapy to resolve issues!

I sent my question to info@emclient.com Hope they reply…
I finally did it: I deactivated the free license, uninstalled the whole program, reinstalled the 7.2 version and used the license key to activate the PRO license. It works now.

I was provided this link by Jay a while ago;
and it does provide a list of the revisions in reverse chronological order.

I haven’t rushed into the update process as I was curious as to when the automated update would kick in (it’s been over a week now), but given the fact that there are daily releases recently to address issues that have come up during the upgrade, I am in no particular hurry.

This forum provides support for Free License users. Support here is provided by other users, not eM Client Inc. This is all explained in the license agreement. If you have a Pro License, you can get VIP support directly from the company by opening a Support Ticket.

There is no separate version for Pro License users. You can download from the web site, and then depending on which license you activate, some features will be enabled or not.

If I have a free version, how do I get a pro version? (I’m assuming that this is the version that one can purchase for $45 or so.)

They are the same application, so nothing to download. After you have purchased the Pro License all you do is go to Menu > Help > License and deactivate the Free License, then activate the Pro License. This will remove the restrictions imposed by the Free one.