6.0.20617.0 Crashes in Middle of Night

The last few weeks, maybe every three or four days, when I check my PC in the morning I discover that eM Client has crashed sometime in the middle of the night. I’ve been using this version for months now, so I’m not sure what has changed… other than regular Windows updates, of course.

I restart the program when this happens, and it has to go through its database-integrity check, of course, which takes some time.

I’m running Vista, 32-bit, SP2, 3GB RAM, 1TB or so of free disk space.

Anyone else notice this problem? During the day, when I actually interact with the program – read and send emails – I haven’t noticed any problems. I have two accounts that the program checks, a POP3 account of my web-hosting service email, and a Gmail account.


Bill P.

Hi Bill,

Maybe eM Client is trying to make a backup in the night and something goes wrong there?

Hi Bill, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Have you noticed a crash/error report window after the application crashed? There should be an option to display the error, can you please copy the content of the report and send it to us?

Thank you,

Paul: my version is listed in the post’s subject and text. There has been no window present when this has happened. The application isn’t running – and it should have been running, if nothing wrong occurred – and when I go to start it up, it goes through its database-check routine (confirming that, yes, it closed abnormally).

If there’s something I can send you – some logs or something – the next time this happens (it didn’t crash last night), I’ll be glad to do so.

Hi again Bill, sorry I’ve missed the information in the subject, can you please try to update to this version of the application.
If the application crashes again it would be great if you could get the crash report error to me otherwise there’s nothing else that I could use to determine what the issue might be.


Does your computer automatically go to sleep during that period or does it shut itself down? The database check can be run when the application is not properly turned which can include other scenarios apart from application crash as well.

Thank you,

In my power-saver options, I have my monitor go into screen-saver mode after 20 minutes, and shut down after 45 minutes. But that’s only the monitor, nothing else – i.e., the hard drive, CPU, network, everything else is up and running all the time.

I use a cloud backup service (CrashPlan) which often does much of its work when the PC is idle, which is often at night. This doesn’t take all that long, because I have a fiber-optic connection (Verizon FiOS), with a 50mbps upload speed.

I’ve downloaded that newer version now, will install it in a bit, and get back to you. Thanks.


Hi again Bill, does the described issue occur every night?
If so, could you please disable the backup for one night to check if that might be causing the issue, it’s actually possible eM Client crashes if it’s database is being used (copied/moved) by another application.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

The crash does NOT happen every night, as Bill writes:

"The last few weeks, maybe every three or four days, "

But this still can mean that the crash occurs when eM Client tries to make a backup of it’s data while CrashPlan is also copying the eM Client data directory to a remote server.

I installed 6.0.20648.0 last week. A few days after that, I had my PC shut down for five days – I was out of town – and turned it back on this past Sunday evening. Last night (Mon/Tue) some time, the program crashed again. This morning, no dialog box, no indication of an error… other than the fact that the program was not running, and that when I went to run it this morning, it went through its checking-the-database routine.

Is there some Windows (Vista SP2) log that I could look through, that would have some indication of a program’s leaving abnormally?

Hi Bill, unfortunately there’s no such log in the operation system.
Did you disable the backup feature as I asked you previously?

Thank you,

No, sorry, I didn’t disable anything. Are you talking about a backup feature of eM Client? If so, I’m not aware of this feature. Or are you talking about my cloud backup (which checks for new files and runs periodically, whenever the PC is idle for a while)?

Hi again Bill, yes I meant the cloud backup service you’re using. If this application is in any way using the database directory of eM Client it may be the cause behind this issue. Please try to disable the feature for eM client’s database folders or entirely to check if this might be causing the application to crash.

Thank you,

OK, I’ll do that this evening, for a few days and see if anything bad happens during that time.

Thank you, please keep me updated.