5.7.0 From address is not one of your addresses.

I just installed eMClient today for the first time. My primary e-mail account is jplashnits@gmail.comI also have Apple’s iCloud sync’ing a couple of machines.

I have 2 issues:

  1. I have duplicate (exactly 2 of each) messages in my Inbox.
  2. When I send (Forward) a message, I get an error that reads "Cannot send message (Email b ody not accepted with reason: “5.7.0 From address is not one of your addresses.”)

Can you help?

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the error?
Also can you make a screenshot of your accounts settings as well and post it here?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
When I opened Tools, Accounts to get the screenshot for you, I discovered that I had an iCloud account and TWO gmail accounts listed there. I removed the one named IMAP.GMAIL.COM and eMClient seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the quick reply and for you offer to help. I think I’m all set now.

It looks like an excellent client!

John Lashnits

Hi, I’m glad everything works now. If you come across any more issues, let us know.

Thank you,