4 months waiting for a resolution in Ticket: #113346 - blank email


I opened it on 20 August 2020 10:50 and there is no fix for that.

I receive one specific email per week and it always Blank. If I open the same email using a Browser or Outlook , then I can see it.

Any theme has this problem. I opened the exported email in Free MSG EML Viewer | Free Online Email Viewer and it worked.

I included in the ticket eml, the blank screen, em client version, Operational system, the test with all themes … and also the site to test the eml to see the right apperance

Thank you

@Decio_Racy What email program does the sender use to create these emails that are blank ?

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Hi, Thank you for your reply. It is an external email, so I don’t know. The fact is I can see it on office 365 webmail, in outlook too. It is annoying to open this email in those tools … I prefer and paid emclient because it is very very fast to search for an email. This is the only bug that I have … everything else for me is perfect. Best Regards

@Decio_Racy I wouldn’t say its a bug and rather more of a sending mail format that’s not supported.

Some email clients and / or mail servers send in a variety of different mail formats that is not always recognized or supported by every other mail client which is how this type of thing happens. That’s why I queried (what email program the sender was using) as we can then research the issue to see if its a known issue.

As you advised you can see the blank email in Office 365 and Outlook ok, this seems like its then some specific sending email format or email program template etc, which Microsoft have built custom support for and EM Client has not as yet, unless you have an outdated EM Client version.

First make sure you have the latest version of EM Client just in case this particular sending mail format is now supported. Latest Versions for Windows & Mac https://www.emclient.com/release-history

If you already have the latest version of EM Client and still getting blank emails, i would email the sender and ask them “What email program they are using” so we can then see if its a known issue.

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Racy sent me a copy of the message, and viewing it in the upcoming 8.2 release it is still the same. It looks to be some HTML format that eM Client does not support.

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@Gary I wonder if one of the Devs at EM Client could determine what HTML format it is, if you eg: maybe sent them the (page source) of the email as an example.

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Racy already sent them the original eml, so it is just a case of waiting for Support to respond.