4 Bugs/problems when moving from Outlook to EMClient

Several problems:
1- when send/check at startup if unchecked, it still tries to synchronize subfolders for IMAP account when EMClient is launched.
Since I work offline most of the time, this is very annoying.
Any way to FULLY disable all online operations at startup?

2- Importing from Outlook 2010 doesn’t import the Inbox (POP3 in Outlook).
When manually import from Outlook it shows the folders to import. If I check Inbox, which shows (5) for the five messages included, it still doesn’t import the Inbox.
I had to create a dummy folder, move those messages in that folder and import it.

3- Importing from Outlook still imports some subfolders, even when they are unchecked in the import folder list. Bug to be fixed

4- Some events are created in my calendar by external tools like Tripit.com. A car dropoff is shown as a 5 minute event.
Barely visible in the calendar. Is there any way to force an event to be shown at least, say, as a 30 minute event, even if it’s shorte?
Outlook shows all events, even 1 minute events, as 30 minutes so you’re sure not to miss them. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help


  1. You can go to Offline mode: File - Work Offline or press Ctrl when doubleclicking the eM CLient icon.

2), 3) What version of eM Client are you using? It should import with no problems in the latest version.

  1. This is not currently possible, but we are working on the fix. You can expect this change in one of the next updates.