3 weeks and no response GMAIL is not syncing mails only folders

3 weeks ago I posted this
https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/t…I’ve got not eve one response. I recommended emclient for a friend that wanted a ligtweight and reliable email client and doesn’t wish to use outlook. Folders/labels (is a gmail account) appear even the custom ones but all folders appear as empty. Outgoing emails work flawless. No visible errors in logs. If someone can shed a light on these could be great. I want to think that the message went unnotices and that’s the cause of no response. Best Regards

Memovil VE, same problem here ! Version 7.0.30068.0

Don’t use 30068, it is problematic and was pulled.  Upgrade to 30242.

Jay, I also have serious problems with v 30068.
Looke for new release within emClient, nothing.
Downloaded latest version from website. De-installed emClient and re-installed. Again I have v 30068.
How can I get rid of that one?

Try this:

I already updated to 7.1 as of 14 Jun 2017 and still no luck. did you fix it?

same problem still there i downloaded yesterday 1.11.2018

Which version of eM Client did you download? It is better to download and install the latest version, than use the version mentioned in this thread.

it was a two years ago. I can’t remember but it was the latest at the time.
And due to the lack of response here I just told my friend to spend her money on something else and use windows mail it’s free and JustWorksTM
I know that free users only have forums  support, but how to pay for a product that doesn’t work from the very beginning of the trial?
I hope that this issue is adressed on newest versions, specially with google’s ever-changing mind about APIs and products capabilities.

Hi Memovil. 

My question was for Balaraman, sorry if that was unclear. I think that for most the more recent versions of eM Client work just fine with GMail.