3 eM clients connected to 1 gmail address and using same rules for all 3 clients (small company)


I’ve got a question:

I would like to use 3 eM Clients on 3 different computers (small company). eM Clients would be connected to same email address (gmail address) to download all email’s. I want to use same rules for all eM clients on 3 computers.


  1. Is there an option to export all configured rules ? I would like to completly configure one client and export all options /rules to other 2 clients for my workers.

Thank you for explanations,


In release 7 
Menu / File / Export    select export xml file
Select what you need then im ort it into the other machine
Please note using emclient on a different pc  may require a different license even if you are using the free license   not sure of this  so if you import all settings imcluding the license you may have an issue   i have 2 pc  one in my wife’s email license (free)  my pc  is a professional license in my email account 

Hello Wojtek,
it’s exactly as Richard above suggests - you can set up the settings and rules and even the account and then export all settings in Menu>File>Export window. Or, if it’s a first time setup, you can even make a full backup of the database and restore from the file in other devices using the Menu>File>Backup/Restore options to create a full copy of the database.

I do believe that more efficient way to ensure the rules are always the same would be to set them directly on the server/in the gmail settings, but if you prefer setting them in eM Client directly is entirely your choice, of course.

I suggest buying the PRO license as a multi-license with 3 seats, this way you can use the same key on all 3 machines (you can check the multi-license prices on our price calculator here).