2048 Bit Encryption

Hello there,

I was wondering how long it normally takes to get through the 2048 bit encryption during setup… It has already been spinning about 45 minutes. Is this normal?

Going on 90 minutes…

The application is waiting for you to authenticate your account in the web browser window that opened.

It may be because of the settings in your browser that it did not open, or because you have not set a default browser in your OS settings.

Open Windows settings and change the default OS browser to another, then try the account setup again.

so should I cancel the installation process? Should I down it to 1024? I did authenticate… I have the windows still opened

Yes, cancel the setup, change the browser, then try again.

The encryption is only for the key pair that you will later use for encrypting or signing messages. It has nothing really to do with the account setup.

well I am in email… I cancelled and since I was already logged in it did what it had too… How can I be sure in EM_client that I am using 2048 bit encryption and thanks very much for the help and support.

To see what kind of encryption key you generated, go to Menu > Settings > Signing and Encryption > Certificates and Keys.

Double click on your PGP key.

You will see the Length option is 2048.

I do see that and I am going through all the settings and checking everything out… thanks so much for the help I am really appreciative. Looks good… takes time to set things up but knowing where they are is a different story…

Thanks again…

Lots to do… thanks so much for taking time out of your life to help us