2 Step authentication with Microsoft Authenticator for Office 365

Sysadmin for Domain has enable 2-Factor via the Microsoft Authenticator App for Office 365 , when opening EM does not prompt for code and therefore can not sync… Is there a workaround ?

Please note I do not have access to make admin changes on O365.

If your account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, I wonder if you remove the account from eM Client then add it again, if that will make any difference? 

I have quite similar problem.

Sysadmin has enabled 2-factor authentication and my already configured account just stopped working. eM displayed prompt for password every minute. I’ve removed the account, now I can’t add it again, eM stucks on logon dialog.eM 7.2.35595.0 on Windows 10.

Same problem … :frowning:

Can you remove eM Client “allowed access” in Office 365 online Privacy setting within your account ?

Does it have an option in your “Microsoft Account Privacy” like in normal Outlook accounts where you can go into (within Account Privacy) a heading called “Apps and services you’ve give access” to apps and eM Client is allowed access there. If you do have that, try (removing eM Client app) and then re-run the automatic email setup in eM Client.

Example of Microsoft account privacy if you have that same option in Office 365. Just a thought :bulb: