2 questions regarding folder grouping and replying text format

Hi, I’ve just switched to eM Client and am loving it. Before eC, I used Outlook and Thunderbird. I’ve found there are 2 features from these clients that eC is missing. Or maybe they are there and I don’t know, perhaps you can show me?

This display helps a lot in term of visibility and accessibility, because at a quick glance I can tell which inbox has the new email, instead of looking down the long list of folders that belong to each email accounts. The only way I see eC display the folders is top-down and by each account. Is it possible to change this?

  • In Outlook, when you reply to an email, the color and general format of the original email is preserved, only the new portion that you type in is formatted by your email template. In eC, your template is automatically applied to the whole email, both replied portion and new portion. For example, if my reply template is set to a blue font1 and I reply to a email with green font2, the whole new email is set to blue font1. Instead of:

->blue font1> my message here>
->black default font> Date: … From: … Subject: … >
->green font2> original message>

which greatly increases readability (by clearly separating each portion) and preserves the original writer’s email format.

Is there anyway to change this? If not, will it be considered for next update? Your input is greatly appreciated.


  • Thunderbird: There’s no such option available in eM at the moment. However, there’s a Global folder which can display all unread messages.

  • Outlook: If the e-mail is in HTML, the format are preserved when you reply. Are you having any issue with HTML e-mail?

I have just installed eM client and am continuing to explore its features. I find when I try to forward mails, sometimes the format options (like Bold, Underline, font etc.) and edit options are shown in message field and sometimes it is not shown. I have enabled the compose mails in HTML format. Still I face with this issue.