2 questions before I take the plunge..

I am using PostBox on Windows - is it possible to import my local folders?
Also, can I place the local folders on a drive other than the C: drive?

I use mapi, not exchange - no problem - right?

OK thats 3 :-).

I assume it’s possible to import your ‘local folders’…I also did that with my Thunderbird e-mail…however, I’m not sure about this, because I don’t use Postbox.

All you data (e-mails, contacts, appointments, et cetera) is stored in 1 database.

You can place that database on a D: drive (as I have done), but that D: drive should be an internal hard disk / partition, not an external one.

It’s no problem to use IMAP or POP3 (I’m also not using Microsoft Exchange Server).


  1. It should not be problem, if it will not be possible directly by File - Import… it should be done by export from postbox and import into eM Client by drag and drop.

  2. yes you can.