2 messages get deleted, when hit the delete button.

When I delete from my inbox, 2 messages get deleted. I have 2 accounts, POP3 and IMAP. They both have this problem. I’m using the in app delete button. I have to be very careful, and look at the next message, as I’m deleting, or I don’t see it happen. I think this is happening more often than people think, because it’s so undetectable. It does not happen every time, sometimes every 10 messages, more or less. Very random. This issue was posted 3 years ago. Tried to revive the post, but received no response.

I think this may be a result of the conversation mode implementation by eM Client.  By default, it groups all messages in a conversation in the message list.  If you delete that message list item, all messages in the conversation are deleted.

To avoid this, you can do the following:

1.  Select the individual message in the reading pane and delete it there.
2.  Change the conversation mode settings to not group them in the message list.  Go to menu/view/conversations and select “Show conversations in message detail only”.  This will have each received message in the list separate, but will maintain the conversation view in the reading pane.  When you delete an item, it will delete only that message
3.  Turn off conversations completely.  Follow the steps in #2 above and select "Disable conversations.

Thanks, but not a conversation. The messages are not connected, at all. It’s always the next message, that is deleted. My conversations are disabled.

Sorry, that should be the preceding message, not next. The one below, the one deleted. Thanks anyway.

Sorry, I have never seen this issue.  If you happen to be a pro user, I would submit support ticket.

@Kay_Matheosn are you still having this issue? I’m currently demoing the product and get the 2x messages deleted regularly


Go to Menu-Settings-Advanced -> Then check IMAP with emails, that are having these issues. Click apply. Then : please go to Menu-Operations-Logs. Copy them and send them to me(pukan@emclient.com), so we can look into the issue. Thanks!