2 Inbox tags coming from Gmail account

Hi all,

For some reason, I seem to have two distinct “Inbox” tags being pulled in from my Gmail account so when I view my inbox grouped by tags, I have two separate groups.

Anyone any ideas what might be going on here?

Thanks all

The top set are server tags, the lower set are local tags.

Thanks for this Gary. Is there any way to prevent the local tag from being created? Ideally I’d prefer the Inbox tag wasn’t there at all but I understand that’s coming from Gmail so it can’t be removed but I’m wondering how the local tag is created and if it can be prevented.


Sure, you can delete the local tags.

You do that in Menu > Tags. Make sure you are in the Local tag section (the button next to the New Tag option). Delete whatever tags you don’t want to be offered as options.

Hi Gary,

I’m still having issues with the two Inbox tags. I’ve deleted all my local tags (which never actually included an “Inbox” tag BTW) and created my five tags (based on the stack email management method) in each of the accounts. When I view my inbox sorted by Tag, I get two “Inbox” groups.


Has anyone any ideas on how I might resolve this…my free trial expires in two days and due to how I handle my emails across three quite busy inboxes (using the stack email method), I really need tags to work for me. If I can’t make it work, I’ll have to give up on eM Client as an option.

To summarise, I’m trying to set up five tags (Review, Reply, Forward, Action, Hold) that span each of my inboxes. I, therefore, set them up as local tags. I understand that my Gmail-based accounts will automatically assign an Inbox tag which is fine and it also seems to automatically create a corresponding tag on the server side once I assign a local tag to an email, again something I understand is being done by Gmail and a frustration I’m happy to put up with.

My issue is when I sort my inbox by tag, as expected, my emails get grouped by the local tag assigned to them, plus an inbox tag but I often get two identical groups, i.e. two “Review, Inbox” groups which appear to be due to eM Client viewing the “Inbox” tags on two separate emails as distinctly different from each other. This is despite there being only one “Inbox” tag anywhere in my tags menu and that’s the automatically created one that I can’t see when managing tags.