2 emails stuck in trash: don't get deleted, don't show content, 1 doesn't get "read"

2 emails stuck in trash: don’t get deleted, don’t show content, 1 doesn’t get “read”

“repairing” from trash properties didn’t help

If you are using IMAP, have you tried removing the account and re-adding the account?

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I have a very similar problem except I have several draft emails in the draft folder that are empty when opened, can’t be deleted or moved… those same emails exist in the All Mail folder for GMail and show the same problems of no content, can’t be deleted or moved… I’ve also found from other forum posts that if you “turn off” conversations in setting for mail they do disappear but come back if you turn conversation “on” again… Help is most appreciated.

I use IMAP and removing and re-adding helped!

Thank you!


Try repairing your Gmail account… using this forum response from @cyberzork (I don’t use Gmail or IMAP) Read Status Syncing? - #2 by cyberzork

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