2 computers with 1 account (not about licenses)

Hello Everyone,

I have been using eM Client for my personal email for a while now and am satisfied with what it does.

I have one email account that I want to access from two separate computers.  My desktop is used 90% of the time, but when I travel on business, I would like to take my personal (eM Client) email with me too.

I don’t care about whether or not I have to buy 2 licenses to do this.  Please reply to the other multitude of conversation to talk about that subject…

What I need to know is:

If I purchase and install an eM Client on each of my machines, are they both going to be able to access my single email account?

What, if anything will I need to do to synchronize the email on the two computers (sent folder for example)?


As long as you use IMAP protocol, there will be no problem accessing the single email account on two or more devices. Your inbox (and sub folders) and sent folder will sync between the two computers.

Contacts and calendar will depend on your mail server configuration.