2 computers 1 set of data files

Can 2 eM client installations on 2 computers access the same database files? I currently use Outlook this way with a laptop and a desktop using mapped network drives to a server. .pst files only work that way if they are on a windows server. I’d like to use your product on a regular server like netgear.

Hi, this is not recommended definitely. It would probably end up with damaged database files, disabling the ability to access any of your data.
We recommend using IMAP and cloud based services that synchronize all your data between multiple machines.

I hope you understand,

Does that approach allow me to keep a complete file of emails on each computer?

Hi Robert,

Yes, if you setup your account as IMAP on both computers, then both computers will be able to download all e-mail (and it will still stay on the server).

Each of your computer will keep it’s data in it’s own database file(s), so if you need to move those data, you can. However all the synchronization will be done with the help of your mail service.

I hope this is helpful,