2 bad problems found when importing recurring calendar items from Outlook

I have just stared using/testing eM Client, and found these two problems.

  1.  eM Client does not provide for FIRST or LAST day of the MONTH recurrences.
  2.  eM Client does not properly handle recurrences scheduled 2 or more years apart.  eM Client makes these recurrence every 1 year.

All events with either of these two stipulations in Outlook are imported incorrect.  

I’m trying to duplicate your issues, but I’m having a hard time replicating the yearly recurrence problem. Are you sure that when you open the event series you set the Pattern to 2 or more years under the Recurrence tab?
As for the first and last day of the month recurrences, you can set the Monthly recurrence to 1 day of month, but it is true that the option for last day is missing. I’ll point this out to our team so we can hopefully add this in future releases.

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Yes, if you schedule a recurrence two or more years apart in Outlook, emClient sets the recurrence 1 year apart.