2 accounts but only 1 calendar

Yes, but in the Outlook screenshot it’s shown correctly.
And when I open the event in Outlook

And that’s what I’d like to see in eM.

It depends on what you did to import it. Maybe there was an issue importing from the PST file.

But if the calendar is online, just add the account to eM Client and the calendar will sync from the server.

Understood Gary. Maybe an issue. I’ll see with the pro version after correctly uninstalled the current version.
So, tell me if I’m wrong :
I think I’ve read eM, when I’ll install it, can take all Outlook accounts and automatically import them as they are configured, i.e. some in POP and others in IMAP.
Am I right ?
Thanks again.


For IMAP accounts, the account will be brought across, but the data will be synced from the server, because that is where it is stored. For POP3 both the account and the data will brought across as the data is not stored on the server.

Hi Gary,

I think I’ve tried everything possible at my level.
I can only get a calendar in my Gmail account.
Orange account>>no calendar.
Free account>>no calendar.
Delete all my accounts, then try again with auto install, then manual install.
I repeated the operation, choosing IMAP and POP.
I’ve never had a calendar other than the Gmail one !

I’ve just uninstalled eM and I’m waiting. I don’t know what, but I’m waiting. :smiley:
Thank you and have a good week.

A manual install of an email account won’t give you a calendar. The account needs to be setup by entering the email address in the automatic setup. If the server has a calendar, then it will be setup as part of the account.

Otherwise, if you setup the email account manually, or for some reason the server doesn’t give a calendar during automatic setup of the email account, you can add the calendar separately. Either as an account, or you can use Local Folders calendar if you don’t have an online one. The Documentation (F1) under Getting Started explains how to add accounts.

Thanks for reply.
I’ve tried to add a calendar as an account (I don’t want to have it in a local folder) but I never succeeded.
And what intrigues me is that they are present in Outlook.
Wait and see.