2/3 of iCloud contacts missing

In eM Client, my iCloud account shows 230 contacts. On my iPhone I have 619. I already went to the Contacts folder properties in eMC and clicked the Repair button, but it still shows only about 1/3 of my contacts (230 instead of 619).

It’s possible that the phone doesn’t sync all of its contacts back to the server.

So rather compare the number in eM Client to the number in the iCloud web interface and see if there is a difference there. If there is a difference, it is possible that there is some issue syncing from the server to eM Client. If you have a Pro license, you can open a support ticket with us and we can investigate some logs to see what the issue is.

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Thank you! That problem is now fixed. My phone wasn’t syncing with iCloud. That’s fixed now.