2-20-23 Not Receivine emails this morning

My email worked last night (Feb 19, 2023) at 9pm CDT (Dallas TX) time but this morning i began to receive this message:
[IMAP] Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected.” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

Please advise I can still log on to my email via my browser but eM client is NOT working.

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This is exactly what the error says.

If the issue does not go away, contact your email provider.

I have tried to resolve this via MS Outlook settings but NO success.

Note: This happened overnight, I did not change anything.

Please advise

same problem here. What do I have to do to solve this?

No answers from eM Client and as I understand it this PROBLEM is wide spread.


As I said above, this is exactly what the error says.

If the issue does not go away, contact your email provider.

I don’t think you are being upfront about this issue. Every other Windows client is working fine for Hotmail accounts. It’s just eM that is not.

Are you working on it and do you have an ETA?

Thank you for replying. You DO realize that we are talking about Microsoft don’t you?

As a retired person on a very small fixed income Microsoft wants me to pay for assistance which means I cannot afford the cost.

It appears the eM Client is unwilling or unable to provide an answer.

Or maybe it is that they want us to PAY for the answer?

I have already given you an answer. Please see above.

There is nothing for us to fix because there is nothing wrong with eM Client. This is a server issue so you will need to ask your email provider to fix it. Please ask Microsoft when they will have their server fixed.

It’s interesting how you don’t respond to the point that EVERY OTHER Windows email client is working fine for Hotmail accounts. That is why we don’t believe you.

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Same issue here. It’s 2/22/23 today. Just discovered it this morning when logging in from laptop. I encountered this very same problem about a year ago and it took almost 2 months before it resolved itself. It’s very disappointing that eMC doesn’t work with Outlook.com email accounts well. All other clients, no problems. Please provide updates if anyone finds a resolution or know that it has been fixed. Will use Outlook mobile app for the time being.

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Hi Everyone, I’ve been happily using eM Client for ages but like others mentioned today eM Client stopped syncing (I think it happened around midnight last night) my live.com and hotmail.com email addresses. It seems to be working fine on my phone using a different 3rd party app (not outlook) but for some reason it’s not syncing on eM Client.

I fired up older version of eM Client but it’s same result, there is a red triangle.

I remember receiving an email from Microsoft few months ago, does anyone remember that? Does this have anything to do with that? I think that was December 1st, not February 22nd.

Disabling TLS 1.0/1.1 for POP3 and IMAP4 on December 01, 2022
Starting on December 01, 2022, Office 365 will begin retiring Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 for POP3 and IMAP4. TLS is a standard protocol used to provide secure web communications for POP3 and IMAP4. POP3 and IMAP4 are the client/server protocols for receiving emails. We will enforce TLS 1.2 moving forward to provide enhanced encryption and help ensure your emails are received more securely. We have already disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for most Microsoft 365 services in the worldwide environment.
When this will happen
December 01, 2022
What do I need to do?
Our records show that your email account has recently been accessed with POP3/IMAP4 through TLS 1.0 or 1.1.
POP3 and IMAP4 will not be able to connect with TLS 1.0 and 1.1 starting on December 01, 2022. You will not be able to receive emails with POP3/IMAP4 protocol after that. To continue accessing your email account using POP3 or IMAP4, please upgrade/update your client to support TLS 1.2. Your emails will not be removed, but you cannot access them without upgrading your client. You can find out technical details on how to upgrade in this article: [Disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Purview (compliance) Microsoft Docs](link here I cannot post a link)
What if I cannot update/upgrade?
If you cannot update/upgrade your legacy client, we provide an opt-in endpoint for you to continue connecting with TLS 1.0/1.1. Your legacy clients must be configured to pop-legacy_office365_com for POP3 and imap-legacy_office365_com for IMAP4. Using legacy versions of TLS is not as secure as TLS 1.2, however, so we recommend you update and use TLS 1.2.

Is it possible this issue has something to do with the registry patch emClient recommended we implement when there was a similar problem with Outlook.com recently?

user triple.urchin just posted a message in the forum:

A probable fix that I could find was to manually set up the email using exchange server.
Go to set up new account, select Mail and then exchange.
Enter your email id, username (should be same as email id) and password. Note that for users who have 2FA enabled, you will need to generate and use special app password.

Once the setup is done, hopefully things should be smooth

Seems like Microsoft may have moved it to connect as exchange now?

The issue is with the oAuth implementation on the Microsoft server.

Like some other applications that are not using oAuth, so not affected by this, you can also remove the account from eM Client then add it again manually by clicking on Add Account > Mail > Other. That will setup the account with a username and password, so it won’t be affected. I think some users already recommended that option on the forum. It will of course work, until Microsoft removes username/password logins for IMAP connections.


Thank you very much Gary, this works. Those with 2FA with Microsoft, please make sure to generate a new “App Password” in your Microsoft account security settings. It will first give you an error when you login but after adding App Password, there is a “fix” button, that will go through all server options and will finally connect. So far live com account works, will try Hotmail next.

App password:
Additional security options (live.com) below Additional security

New users can’t post more than 3 replies… :astonished:

@Leo3 Leo3
Ah, you are right, I was waiting for my email to completely load, and just checked, I thought it was still syncing but turns out no contacts or calendar.

I am not sure how you lost your folders, though. Did you make local folders that did not sync back with IMAP? In my case, my folders and rules all came back when I did it.

Please try adding your account as Exchange that triple.urchin posted in the other thread. I just did it and it works as Exchange and syncs contacts & calendar.

Didn’t work. No Contacts nor Calendar. Going to webmail. Totally lost all folders in my email. Lousy support. We’re not all techies. Need better instructions.

Gary/em Client,

Agreed we are NOT tech’s, I am 70 years old and retired. While I am fairly competent at most computer issues I am no well versed in server/client issues.

More explicit step by step INSTRUCTIONS is how you communicate complex instructions to people.

Worked fine, thanks!

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