16 BRAND NEW (FREE) Custom Themes for eM Client by Everplex Media! (screenshots included!)

Hello everyone! I just spent many hours developing some new themes! One of the greatest limitations of this client is the lack of dark themes! This was a major oversight on the part of the developers of this email client. As a result, at night it’s obtrusive to use this client, and as a result I haven’t used the client in the last two years since I originally tried it out.

So today I decided to create some awesome new themes. It seems that no one is making them, so I did!

There are some minor limitations, such as there is no way to style the dividing line between listed emails in the main pane on the expanded view. But for the most part, it’s complete, fully styled as much as possible.

As a result, I made two styles for each color:

  • Versions 1.0 contain a lighter message list for a prettier expanded view.

  • However if you don’t use the expanded view, or if you don’;t mind the obtrusive borders between the mail listings in expanded view, then I also created a dark version of the message list, named versions 1.1.
    There are some pretty colors ones, and also some black and grey themes with a blue accent.

The themes are as follows:

  • Blue 1.0
  • Blue 1.1
  • Fuchsia 1.0
  • Fuchsia 1.1
  • Peach 1.0 (Natural 1.0)
  • Peach 1.1 (Natural 1.1)
  • Purple 1.0
  • Purple 1.1
  • Periwinkle 1.0
  • Periwinkle 1.1
  • Teal 1.0
  • Teal 1.1
  • Black 1.2
  • Black and Grey 1.4
  • Grey 1.0
  • Grey 1.1
    See the screenshots below!

Here is the download link for all 16 themes!

Enjoy! :smiley:

Hi, i testet the “everplexmedia-grey-1.0screen”

The bar on top is gone!
This can be a problem.

But thanks for work and nice try!

Hello, thank you for sharing these with our users, and thank you for updating the theme list here on the community support.


What bar? There isn’t supposed to be a bar there. If you’re talking about the menu bar, it is there, you just need to hover over it because it is very faint. This is a limitation because there isn’t a way to change the color of the menu font, but it is visible and it’s more visible when you hover over it.

Yea, a lot of the text is too dark to read against the dark background. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to start noticing the issues. For instance, my mouse acts like a flashlight to navigate the menus. And the submenus under the General heading of Settings… my mouse doesn’t act like a flashlight and all of the text is black-on-black. These themes need some more TLC!

You are always open to make your own themes, personally I think they’re just fine and fully usable.

You are absolutely right, ajvincelli.

It is a nice try what everplex delivers here but it’s a fail.  Grey text on grey background or even black text on black background are no goes.  These themes look like an amateur played around a little — they are no professional solutions to the Design problem that exists with eM Client.


No you are completely wrong. Everplex’s awesome themes aren’t “attempts” as you so ignorantly say. They are the best possible within the limitations of EM Client’s interface. And they are awesome.

Shame on you for being such an ignorant stupid twat. You are a fail, you asshole. I didn’t see you making any themes so why don’t you shut the fuck up while people like Everplex are making FREE stuff for us!!

Yes, they are fine, more than fine, they are AWESOME, so thank you for making them! They are 100% as far as the limitations of EM Client’s theming system. There are a couple things to be desired but which are not possible due to limitations with EM Client.

Maybe whenever EM Client updates their theming system you can release an update, until then we are at the mercy of EM Client because some things are impossible to theme because there is no way to do it.

Kelly, instead of delivering something valuable regarding the points I made (grey text on grey background, black text on black background) you call me an asshole?   That’s funny because it says more about you than about me — even though both of us are not subject of this thread.

Obviously you cannot respect another opinion than yours.  So what about this:  Everplex’ themes are the best ever.  It is a fantastic company.  Are you satisfied now?

You made me smile, Kelly.  Thanks.


I am new with EMC and like several of the everplex themes especially Black with gray message list…I tried it but only get a white message list…while the screenshot shows gray message page…can you tell me how to ger the gray message page please…Many thanks