10:10:10 AM "Too many messages ( from what does this mean and can I resolve

cannot send messages

Hello Ivan,

That is a server error, and what appears to be a frequent BT error message, more info at https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/livemail-email/unable-to-send-emails-from-the-…

It can either be that you really sent too many messages or that the server setting is too strict. This is a recommendation for the server setting from the above link:
“The first thing to check, then:  right-click on the account name in the folder pane and selectProperties. On the Servers tab, ensure thatMy server requires authentication is selected. If it wasn’t, try sending with it selected. If it was selected, try changing the server port for outgoing mail on the_Advanced_ tab to 587, then try again. After each change, remove any unsent messages from the outbox (below the account folders in the folder pane), then compose a new test message with a unique subject and send it to yourself (i.e. from the BT account to the same account).”