1 version 7 Pro License but cannot create more than two accounts

I have a licensed Version 7 Pro license. When I add a third and fourth email account via Menu-Tools-Accounts the program retains the info and shows the accounts as entered every time I view the accounts management window. BUT, I can only see two email accounts on the main screen. I tried reordering the accounts in Accounts Management but only the original two accounts are displayed. Unless I can see all four email accounts the program is useless to me. Any suggestions?

As a Pro License user, please make use of your VIP support option by clicking Menu > Help > Get Support. That will take you to the website where you can open a support ticket.

When I follow your advice and try to sign in to open a support ticket the program responds that my email-password is wrong. When I try to reset the password (because, yes, I could have forgotten the password) the program responds that there is no account for the email address! Yet I successfully registered with the same address to post to this forum and your response was emailed to the same email address! I am not very optimistic about fixing problems at this rate.

A couple of things:

  1. The username and password for this forum is in no way related to your eM Client license or support credentials.

  2. On the support page, if you have not used it previously, you first need to create an account. The credentials are in no way related to your login for this forum or for your license management. Maybe use the same email address as you have used to register your Pro License otherwise they may not respond.