1 pro licence, on more than one computer

With 1 pro licence can I use the client on all of my computers (home, office, laptop, iPad, etc.), with all of my e-mail addresses?

Sorry, not possible. One license, one PC. And FYI, eM Client has no app for iPad.

That’s a shame. I was also looking at buying a Pro license as I just tested the program and it’s better than Outlook for mail sync with Gmail.
Like most business people, I’m using a desktop and a laptop.
Adobe grants you a user license, this means that you can install their programs on one desktop and one laptop. They understand that most users have two computers.
As your product is called “eM Client”, I was assuming that it also would be a client or user license.
I’m not going to buy a license for two computers. I understand that you cannot give a license for all the computers somebody owns. But you should allow to install it on one laptop and one desktop. You lost a sale here.

I understand your point of view. I just want to state that we offer really significant discounts on purchasing multiple licences - check the Multi license calculator on our webpage.

I ran into this issue yesterday as I wanted to put eM Client on my laptop. The only place I could even find the license file was buried inside the eM Client installer .msi file. I wish the license file was more visible somewhere.

Anyway, it was clear from reading that document that I could not install my copy on both my desktop and laptop. That’s really a shame. The multi-license purchase option makes a lot of sense for a business buying eM Client for its employees. That’s not the case with me, though, nor do I suspect that’s not the case with most individuals.

I would encourage eM Client to re-consider the license text and allow a single user to install it eM Client on multiple machines so long as the software is used only by that single user.

I also prefer software that is per user rather than per machine.
I feel per machine licensing works well mostly for business, for home users per user can sometimes be best :slight_smile:

I’m frustrated by this also, and I think you should recognize that your policy is certainly costing you money. I have only two email accounts, so I can use a free license, and I do, on two different computers and sometimes a third. I really like eM Client and would happily pay for a license. But if the choice is between free and $80, or over $100 if I add the third computer, even with your bulk discounts, that’s a very big hurdle – more than I paid for all of Office, which I can easily use on all 3 computers. I paid $10 for Postbox, which I liked before I discovered eM Client, and I would pay more for eM Client, but not ten times more.


I understand your frustration, but we do not plan to change our licensing system in foreseeable future.
1 License = 1 installation, if anyone needs for example 2 installations then he will buy multilicense and his key will be able to use on 2 computers (or on a count he bought)

I hope you will understand it.

with regards


I already own one Pro licence how can I purchase a second at the muliple rate. Just because I did not purchase 2 licences initially why should I have to pay a premium?


Hi this is not possible, the discount for multi-license purchase is only offered while purchasing all the licenses at once.

Thank you for understanding,

You say you have no plans for changing the licensing options and you hope we will understand it.  Well, we hope you will understand that you are losing our money because of your inflexibility and that you can’t see past your current setup to change with the way things work in the world or the way your customers need it to work. You apparently aren’t listening to the multiple people here and other threads that say they won’t pay you for multiple licenses for home use on a laptop and desktop. I am one of them. I will not pay you for a product that limits me to one machine. I have two that I use… a laptop and a desktop. Even the discounted rates you offer are not worth it with other options out there for WAY cheaper. Even if your product is better, you price yourself out of contention with many people. Thank you for understanding.

Hi Darin, thank you for your constructive criticism, I’m sorry you feel that way, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for and if not and you decide to come back to eM Client and you come across any questions regarding the application, make sure to let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I have to agree with Darin,

I was quite excited when I discovered eM Client.  However, with a Desktop PC, two laptops and a Windows tablet the licensing costs (in the UK) works out at £161.94.

This doesn’t really give me a good enough incentive to give up my Office 365 subscription which covers me for 5 devices.

It’s a real shame you don’t have a user based subscription.

I’m an E-client user and disgusted an the lack of flexibility on their part to allow 2 computers per licence. Utterly ridiculous and worse - it points to a lack of care for customers needs and just a money hungry attitude of ‘take them for as much as we can’.

Don’t complain. Its a free world with free alternatives that you can install on as many machines as you like and use with as many accounts as you have. With equally free add ons you get all the functionality of em Client, only the user interface looks a bit old school. em Client is free to offer any bargain they chose, it’s your choice to take it or leave it.

Peter, of course you are right, however; I’m a Pro user too and use different devices, at least to seperate PCs.
I can only install my license on just one of them but need to access all my e-mail accounts on both.

It should be a per user license and not per device.

I became an eM Client Pro user on a fluke: In sept. 2013 I upgraded my Softmaker Free Office to the Pro Version for a whopping €35 and that contained besides equivalents to Word, Excel and Power Point 3 (three) Pro licences of en Client 6. I had never heard of emClint before and was a happy user of Thunderbird. em Client looked nice and had the same features as Thunderbird (+Lightning, + Provider for Google Calender, +gContact Sync), so I became a eM Client Pro User. 
Last year Softmaker stopped business with Em Client (for whatever reason) and included Thunderbird in its new version. On that occasion Em Client offered all Softmaker Clients an update to the upcoming Version 7 for under €18 (including VAT) for 3 (three) Pro licences.
Yes, EM Client looks nice, I don’t have any of the problems people here keep complaining about (I have 5 email accounts, including gmail and outlook.com plus Google Calender and Contacts). But Thunderbird (45.2.0 with the mentioned add ons) also has everything that eM client folks say it hasn’t (yes, also conversation view).
So, would I pay € 81.95 plus VAT for three pro licences? Not just no but HELL NO!

Well, was about to buy but now im not. Just routing all my mail via gmail works just as fine and will simply continue using the free version. No idea why you guys have this policy. If you are afraid that companies will abuse it the tie aa license to a specific email or something.

I will also agree with Darin,

I used the pro version of eM Client for several years now, i bought 3 (home. office and wife) licences but however,  today i ́m using  1 Desktop-PC at home + 1 PC in office +  1 laptop and a 1 tablet. So i have to buy 4 licences only for 1 person!  Another 3 licences for my wife. 

This is only an email client we are talking about !! 
So finally we went over to Office 365 subscriptions and save the money.
Really sorry about the outdated licence model.

I’m in the same boat. I have an iMac and a PC, and three email addresses. One of them is through GoDaddy, and suddenly stopped sending on all my email client programs including Outlook 365 and Thunderbird. GoDaddy has no solution. I ran the setup for that address on the trial version of eM Client, and it went through just fine after using the legacy version of SMTP.  I absolutely love the in-depth setup features for addresses in the program, and I would like to use eM Client on both machines, but am not about to pay $50 for use on only one.
I think eM Client programmers are really in touch with the needs of the personal user, in terms of usability of the program itself. Sales, however, needs a reality check.  For personal use, 3 machines should be allowed. Even two would make much more sense. I was on the verge of buying, but thought to check how many machines I’d be able to install it on. Good thing I checked. I’m beyond disappointed by this outdated policy.