1.5 minute wait when replying

I am running 9.2.2157 emclient on Windows 10 with a fast processor and lots of ram. I have 5 email accounts and some have thousands of messages (I’m negligent about deleting mail).
Since I updated to this version a few months ago, I notice a preposterous delay when I replay to an email. I click Reply and wait around a minute and a half before the contents of email loads and I’m able to enter my reply. It didn’t used to do this.
Now, I have a LOT of emails. Currently my “All Inboxes” says about 219k messages.
Is the answer simply to delete a lot of mail? As I said, my earlier version was nothing like this. I might have to wait 1 second when doing a reply.

viernes 12 abril 2024 :: 1740hrs (UTC +0100)

Only you will know if you can delete messages, However, I suggest that you archive everything that is older than maybe 4 weeks,
Incidentally I also periodically suffer a time lag but nothing like 90 secs. usually towards the end of the month (I archive each month).
Also if you do decide to delete a large amount, first make a Backup (Menu ->Backup) and keep it somewhere safe,


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