Your license has reached the maximum number of activated installations

I have rebuilt my PC following a hardware failure.  When I try to enter my license for eM I get the above error.  As the PC is rebuilt there is no way I can deactivate the previous installation.  I understand that I purchased two licenses and I am running eM on a PC and a Surface Pro 3.

Hi, if you’re a PRO license user, you should be able to login to our licensing system using the credentials you should receive with your licensing information at

Login and you should be able to deactivate one of the existing license activations and re-activate the product on your newly built computer. To avoid this in future, please make sure to deactivate the product before reinstalling.

Hope this helps,

Hi - I am having the same issue; I forgot to de-activate my licenses whilst re-installaing my PC(s). However, I cannot log in to the license manager. (What is my GROUP? Wher eis my ACCOUNT info?)

Can someone please deactivate all my licenses from your end?

Thank you

You will have got the login info with your Pro License. If you have misplaced the information, you can reset your credentials at This will send you new login info.