you guys need to get out of office assistant

out of office assistant that would nice.


eM Client supports automatic reply in Tools - rules where you can send to what email you will send defined response.

If you want to have automatic response for example when you are on holiday or ill so you have computer turned off, then you need to find server which supports this as eM Client can’t send and receive emails when it is not running.

I hope that you understand this.

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The feature is not the same as a rule or the server setting. We use an email server which has an out of office, but what would be handy is a rule generator that had a date active / inactive in an easily accessible (non-cluttered with other rules) dialog that focused only on replying when you were scheduled to be out of the office (hence the concept of an out of office). My clients realize that eMClient would have to continue running for the rule to trigger, but it would be handy non-the-less.

I am looking at deploying the client with 20 licenses shortly, and while it would be handy to have I don’t think it’s a show stopper.

Another note:
While trying to set up a rule, I noticed the lack of ability to set an action of reply. This kind of kills even an option for a local rule to be enabled / disabled for this purpose.

Please at least consider it.


Could you be more specific what are you thinking about? What action would you like to see for example?


Click on Rules menu item. Rules dialog box comes up (the rules menu item is ideal as it communicates that it only fires when running, like the rules).
The rules dialog will have a new button called “Out of Office” (OoO). You click on it to bring you to an OoO dialog box. That dialog box has the following fields:
Enabled checkbox
Start Date & Time
End Date & Time
Reply Message Contents
Radio buttons selecting either: Reply every time, or Reply every unique email address
Drop down box to select signature (optional).

Essentially creates a rule that only applies during the time window and only replies to the senders email address.


Unfortunately this is still not planned. Like I have wrote before, this feature is server side and it would require 24/7 running computer with opened eM client.


Shame. My server doesn’t support out of office, making life a bit tricky.

Are you planning on implementing a rule that can reply if criteria are met as you implied in your first response:

"eM Client supports automatic reply in Tools - rules where you can send to what email you will send defined response. "

As far as I can tell, I cannot create a rule for automatic response of any kind as my actions for the rules on received messages are limited to:
move to folder
copy to folder
delete mail
permanently delete mail
forward to people
mark message as read
stop processing other rules
set categories
skip notification

That’s it… No “automatic reply” option. Please let me know if this is an option elsewhere or is not actually an option.

Michael Mills

Hi Michael, sorry for the disinformation, this is unfortunately not possible to setup in eM Client.
Unless the feature is supported by your service provider, it can not be set at the moment.

I’m not completely sure whether this feature is under consideration, but it would create the need to have your eM Client always open in order to send out the automatic response, that’s why it’s usually a server feature instead of an email client feature.

Thank you for understanding,