You can not start EM CLIENT!

After updating the EM CLient post program on 12. 10 2021, it can not be started today.
I am asking for urgent help how to fix it.

If you are comfortable executing these steps, give this a try:
(1) Delete any installation files you have downloaded.
(2) Uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete your database directory when asked. This will ensure your settings and data remain in place.
(3) If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client
(4) Download and install the latest version from Release History.
(5) The latest version of eM Client should then start with all your data in place.

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Thank you for the instructions.
Why, however, happen that I can not run the program after a new update?
Where is the mistake?
Is it possible to delete the entire EM Client directory from C: \ Files (x86) \ EM Client after uninstalling the program?
Where can I find installation files if the update went automatically?

OKAY. Everything works after reinstallation. Thanks for the help:)

I have no idea as you did not indicate the steps you took to upgrade?

The link can be found in the instructions I posted.

Personally I do not respond positively to the eMC notification that there is an update. In turn, I ensure eMC is backed up, I close eMC and use the link I posted and install the latest version from there.