Yet more fatal eM Client bug! Draft showing as sent!

This following problem has been discussed in the past. However, in complete contrast to eM Client developers’ claim, it has not been solved.

When writing a draft in emclient 7.1.3*, Win 10, 64bit, if the draft is not sent immediately, and is part of a conversation (i.e., a reply to previous received email), it is then stored in the Draft folder, but is shown as SENT! In other words, when using “conversation” view, it is shown as one of the emails already sent. Though it was not sent!

Note : in contrast to the incorrect clarification of the development team, the draft is not shown with a red “draft” tag on the top.

Again, this makes emClient a completely unacceptable tool for any professional user: the user cannot even know if he/she sent or not the draft.


Mine always shows “Draft” in red letters at the top.  You say you are using 7.1.3, but specifically which version?  If it is not 7.1.30432.0, please upgrade to that and see if it helps.

Mine is 7.1.30440
so it’s the latest version. The bug is still there!

Are you creating the draft on the same machine as eM Client?

btw, there is a 30453 available

Not necessarily.

Thanks. This is new. I’ll try it.

If the draft is created on another machine, eM Client does not know if it is sent or not (per eM Client).  In fact, the only way you can edit a draft made on another machine is to select “send as original”.  You will have to reenter the addressees.

Sorry, I retract what I said. I do create the draft on eMClient. Then on Gmail I see the draft as sent! Although it is not sent. This is a bug.

Very strange.  I cannot recreate the situation.  If I create a draft in eM Client, it appears in the Gmail web client as a draft as well.  Sorry I can’t be of more help.