yesterday's events in agenda

I have noticed that Agenda will show yesterday’s events only if they are all day events. Would be nice to see all events.

Hello, agenda should not show past events at all. Can you please send us a screenshot where you can see yesterday’s events in agenda, please?

You’re kidding right? That is one of the best features - like a gentle reminder of the day before, but only for all-day events.

There’s the problem-- TB vs. Min!!!  :-)

So Michal, any comment?

Can you please send a screenshot also from calendar and save that event as ICS and attach it here? We need to address the issue, because we are still not able to reproduce it. If it is a problem to attach the event or calendar screenshot here, please send it directly to my e-mail ([email protected]). Your privacy will be fully preserved.


Below is a screenshot of a test calendar, to preserve privacy and hide Vikings :frowning: , and the individual ics files for those events.

What you will notice, and the point of my original post, is that only all-day events show up in yesterday. An event with a start and end time, or a contact’s birthday, do not show up. I would like to keep the “feature” but include all yesterday’s events.

ics files are here

Just so you know it’s not a issue related to just you, I also see the same thing with all-day events.

Thanks Jay, it is not so much an issue as a request. However, I get the impression from Michal that Yesterday should not appear at all, and he is not able to get it to appear.

I’ll join in the ‘Yesterday’ expansionists club.
Allow for the display of all events and tasks in the ‘Yesterday’ collection. I would find benefit in such a thing as the Calendar and Tasks are pivotal to my organisational well being.

After some discussion with eM Client Support, they have said that this current feature will be reported as a bug as it is not the intended feature of the Agenda to display any past events, either all-day or otherwise. I guess Michal was correct in his initial comment after-all.

Unfortunately for me this is one of the pros of eM Client, even if it is a bug, that tipped the scales. I guess it is time to consider the pretty interface of eM Client just that, and look at other options for serious message and event management.