Yahoo POP3 not syncing

Yesterday, I moved 99% of my Yahoo inbox emails on the Yahoo server to my Yahoo ARCHIVE folder. I have done this in the past to make it easier for em client to sync up with the server. However this time, since I did this I am unable to get any incoming email. I am using em client as POP3, Port 995, using SSL/TLS on special Legacy port - as it always has been. Outgoing email works fine. Any clues why emclient is unable to sync with any new incoming emails since yesterday? Other devices work fine. Thank you.

If you go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look in the Log tab, are there any POP3 errors?

Yes - there are numerous identical errors that say:

“Can’t retrieve POP3 message due to the following reason:
" - ERR Invalid message number.”

One thing you can try is to remove the POP3 account from eM Client and then add it again.

To do that first make a backup using Menu > File > Backup, and then you can move any messages in the POP3 folders to Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Don’t forget the POP3 Sent folder as those messages will not be on the server. Sometimes Inbox messages are still on the server, depending on your settings, but move those as well if there are any as well as any folders you created in your POP3 folder tree.

When you have moved all the messages go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the POP3 account. That will delete the POP3 folder tree and all it’s messages from the eM Client database. This is not reversible, and that is why we first backed up and then moved the messages before removing the account. Then add the account again. For POP3 you can’t use the Automatic Setup, so click on the + icon to add a new account, and then choose Mail > Other. The POP3 settings you gave above are the best option, so make sure you have that again afterwards.

That will probably download anything in the Inbox again, so you could end up with a few duplicates after moving the Local Folder messages back to the POP3 folders. You can use eM Client’s deduplicator (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) to remove them.

Hopefully that will fix everything for you.

I did to a full backup, as well as relocating all of my POP3 emails to backup folders. I deleted the POP3 account, but I’m still seeing the POP3 folder tree and associated emails displayed with no account. Is there a way to clear this so I can have a fresh start when I add a new POP3 account?

There are three types of folder trees:

  1. IMAP folders. These are really just a mirror of what is on the server.

  2. POP3 folders. These are local folders, so they are stored only on your computer. The Inbox will receive new messages from the server.

  3. Local Folders. There are also local folders. They exist only on your computer and are not synced with a server.

    When you remove your POP3 account in Menu > Tools > Accounts, the POP3 local folders (2) should be removed from eM Client.

If they are not, check to see if you have another POP3 account setup.

Another method is to export all of your messages using Menu > File > Export > Export messages to .eml. You con export whole trees, or just a selection of folders, and the folder structure will remain intact. Then start eM Client with a blank database, setup your account and them import the messages.

So this is really just the equivalent of deleting the database and adding a new account, correct?

Deleting the POP3 account after moving the messages to Local Folders in not the same as deleting the database.

Deleting the database will also delete all data even in Local Folders, as well as any settings, templates etc.