Yahoo, mail, problem

yahoo folders syn but no messages downloaded, no errors, just no messages

I tested it with preconfigured yahoo account (in Account Wizard) and it worked. Can you please send us screenshots of your yahoo account setting to be sure it’s set OK?

How do I send screenshots and to where do I send? Thanks!

You can take screenshot (screenshots from IMAP and SMTP tabs would be useful) by pressing your PrintScreen key and then paste it to some image making program. Then send the file to .

I have the same issue. Here are the screenshots as requested.

we have discovered the root cause of the Yahoo IMAP problems and we are preparing a fix. We’ll let you know once we prepare a fixed version of eM Client, probably later today.

An updated setup is available at…. Hopefully it will resolve the Yahoo IMAP access issues.

Thanks to all the effort, it works great. kudos to all

Thanks for all the effort, it works great… kudo’s to all involved…

Thank you, I installed the new version, but it still doesn’t work for my account

Thank you so much Gabriel! The fix works and I am very happy to have my em Client back.

We investigated and it seems that it has the same software as for which the fix was made, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Can you please send us your IMAP logs (menu Tools->Settings->Logging) ?

Can you please tell me what IMAP and SMTP settings do you use for ?

Hi Gabriel, how can I send you the logs? Here are the settings I use:
Serveur de mails entrants (POP3) : (avec fonction d’authentification SSL et port 995)
Serveur de mails sortants (SMTP) : (avec fonction d’authentification SSL et port 465)…

It works for me, did you set Security policy (in your account settings) at Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)?

Hi, yes I set up security policy in SSL/TLS on special port, but it doesn’t work. Even after having installed the last update. Thank you

Please, send us the logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging, check IMAP, restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue (press Send and receive in your case) and send us the logs using the same logging settings window.

is problem z

Are you getting any error messages?

So I get an incorrect combination of account. Do not change this setting the IMAP or POP