Yahoo Inbox fails to load messages dated after 4/14/2010

I have more than 20,000 messages in my Yahoo account. eM Client synced about 11,000 messages and stopped at 4/14/2010. attempted to resync - no luck.

Shut down eM Client and when it started up again it resumed syncing. Is this an expected behavior?

I am also concerned about the reason for annual license renewal. Every other software I use, the license is good forever. Does this mean that the free version will be required to e converted to a paid version at some time in the future. As I am retired, I don’t want to commit the time and energy to what amounts to an unknown end date for “free” software.

Mail server tend to have a ‘time-out’ period over a period of activity. Since you do have so many e-mail to retrieve at once, this would consider normal. As long as eM Client actually receive all the mail, a time out that cause a stop of mail retrieval is acceptable.

I can’t answer as whether eM will stop offering a free license in the future. But to be fair, any software license you buys is only good for that ‘specific’ version period, it does not contain future upgrade. Firewall, Anti-Virus, Internet Security, etc are all in the format of time duration license. So eM Client is not alone. I have personally running on the free license for 2 years now (renewed), so far so good.

Yes, everything did seem to sync after I restarted eM. I thought about server time-out but by restarting the snc process within eM, that should have worked. I actually had to shut down eM and restart it to get it to complete.

IAC, so far, eM looks like a good replacement for Zimbra Desktop. One advantage is that it purports to import from T-bird. I will test that out on another computer.

Do I need to ask additional licences to use eM on my other computers or can I just use the keycode I received?

It could be a bug of eM Client, but once you’ve done it, you no longer required to do so again.

If you intend to receive e-mail by 2 PC with only 1 e-mail address you may have a problem. As like many other software, eM Client does hardware ID check with it license number. Hence different PC cannot use only one license number. However, if you have 2 different e-mail address, than it advisable to request another free license using another e-mail address.