Yahoo error - IMAP unable to upload

Constantly get error [IMPA] Unable to upload message with Yahoo! - Help!! Do not know how to fix!


we appreciate a little help. We need to get the communication logs that will show us where exactly problems happen. Here are the instruction on how to get them:

  1. Create directory “C:\Temp”
  2. Download the file from… and extract it into eM Client directory (“C:\Program Files\eM Client” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client” depending on your system)
  3. Run eM Client, it will create the log file in C:\Temp\MailClientTrace.log

Please follow the steps above and send us the MailClientTrace.log file. All your privacy will be preserved.


Thanks for your response. When you say 'create a directory “c:\Temp” – what do you meant/how do you do that? Sorry if that is a dumb question…and to what email do i send this too>

It will create a log file in “c:\temp” directory. So if you don’t have this directory yet created you should create it as new (through for example Windows Explorer: right-click at your Local Disk C:, select from menu New->Folder and name it “temp”).
I forgot to mention my email address: send it to [email protected] .

I sent you the file. Any resolution??? I’d really like to get this fixed!!


it seems to be a problem with Yahoo! servers. We were unable to reproduce it today with our Yahoo! test accounts even if the server reported the same software version (“0.7.65_12.283249”). Does the problem still happen?

Best regards,
Filip Navara

Note that Yahoo! actually runs multiple IMAP servers for load balancing and not all of them run the same version of software.

Thank you. The problem is still happening! Please let me know ASAP how to fix. It is very frustrating.

Hi, since I have installed the latest em-Client version one week ago, I can’t any longer upload my messages from Can anyone explains me what happened and ho to fix it?…