WTF I got a new version today and my Yahoo account is missing and there is no menu visible to add an account. Terrible change!!!!!!!!!!

New version and can’t find a any menu items and want to add an account that got deleted

Can you click, Menu, Tools then Accounts and then the + sign. I recently upgraded and I have this option?

Hello George,
the Menu is at the top in the new design and the Account setting is still in the same place:

As for the yahoo account disappearing - did you migrate or import your previous database? Or did you perhaps start anew in an empty database when you installed eM Client 7?
You can import through Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6.

HI Olivia,
may I ask how I can get the menue entries “Automatic Replies” and “IceWarp Options”? I don’t find them in my Menu.