Wrong version number downloaded with 9.2.1222

The associated download link for 9.2.1222 on the official website is https://www.emclient.com/dist/v9.2.1222/setup.msi
However, the installer from this link is 9.2.1185 after installing. Could you please check it?

domingo 13 noviembre 2022 :: 0912hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @cutemt2015

I have no idea what link you used, here is the correct link.
I have just checked it and it works, select the version you want.

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@skybat I have mentioned the download link in my original post, which is same as the one in your given link. Please check before your said it is the correct one.

The link is correct. I downloaded using the link in your original post, and this is what is installed:

Make sure you are installing the correct downloaded msi file from your device. One option is to first delete all the previous msi files you have downloaded, then download the one from your link again. It does give the 9.2.1222 install.

Whether the info for the installer is as follows:

MD5: 5B800C3EB86D4A9184EB8D090D67446B
SHA1: B281E54582D36F4F9BFE2A99BADAC846628769C9
SHA256: C3141E438BE6E7341FA9A4A94098396BDCABA6497F29CF03342FE38A39A8CFE2
CRC32: E885D00F

@Gary After re-downloading, uninstalling, and reinstalling, it works now. Thanks, you may close this topic now. Sorry for the inconvenience.