Wrong TYPE in CardDAV contacts

When I insert a phonenumber under business to a contact,
it’s displayed after saving not under business.
It’s displayed under a new entrie at the end of the list under WORK.
Same happens to private numbers that are displayed under HOME.
I also had entries with TYPE.

Same happens to the adresses as well.

When I change the number then (delete the WORK\ and add business)
Sometimes the numers have the right type but sometimes they change
again to WORK\

Contacts are saved on a CardDAV owncloud Server.

Can you please post here a screenshots or a video capturing this behaviour? Thank you.

This is how it looks like after saving a contact:

the numbers were added to business and privat.

After cutting out the numer fom WORK\ and pasting it to business
and cutting from HOME\ pasting to privat
It looks like this:

The business address was also cut and paste.
The WORK\ field was still there but emty.

After saving the contact again, the phonenumbers
are again under WORK\ and HOME\ and
the field WORK\ is now TYPE\

The comma between last- and firstname gets a new \ evertime
I save the contact. Also happens in calendar entries with a comma.

Thank you for detailed report - It seems to be a server sided issue but I would like to ask you for your CardDAV logs so we can analyze them and report the issue to the server developers. Thank you.