wrong file tipe when open or save it


What is written in the pop-up window?

Open file or save it? In russian lng.
The point is that the program sometimes does not see the file format. XLS in example.

Can you tell if this problem exists only in emails coming from specific senders?

I suppose not. Its occurs several times a week. I can not figure out the reason. Maybe encoding problem. file name encoding.
for example. 2 seemingly identical files:

Encoding could be the problem, especially if the emails come from a specific email client.

If you have a Pro License, I would suggest you open a ticket for this.

Unfortunately I don’t have Pro. I think that the problem occurs not at me only. It’s global. I can reproduce it on a different computers. I can send u this letter. 

Yes, I think it is similar to another problem I had, but now I can’t reproduce it. Send me the email, and I will have a look.

email? :slight_smile:

write your email address pls

Sorry, forgot the address [email protected]

done. from emClient and browser. Notify me for results pls.

Can you send me one of the original emails that you received that had this problem?

Right-click on the email in the message list and choose Forward > Forward as attachment.