Wrong date exporting to EML


After importing my PST file into eM Client, I exported all my messages to EML files, and I’ve noticed that some dates have been changed and, therefore, are wrong. For example, I received a particular message on 01-09-2004 (this date is correctly displayed on eM Client), and now the EML file shows a different date: 10-11-2006. I don’t know if the dates of all my EML are wrong, but there’s a huge amount of messages displaying the same wrong date: 10-11-2006.

I’m using version 7.0.27943.0 on Windows 10.

Hopefully there will be a solution for this.

Thank you in advance your time.


Any thoughts about this? I published this two months ago and I haven’t received an answer, though I’m aware of the fact that the developers have been busy.

I wanted to add two things:

  1. The new version (7.1) shows the same problem.
  2. I have found a thread with a similar issue (https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/wrong_dates_are_shown_to_old_messages).

Thank you in advance for your time.