Wrong data after copy E-Mails

I choose the way to COPY Mails from one GMail to other GMail Account,
because there is NO option to tell GMail to delete or trash Mails, after export/moving outside the Account.

So, what could be wrong in a copy job? Never seen a issue like this… sure there is of course a reason, maybe a good one also, but… really, thats not ok.

Thanks Em’ies for a quick reply, how to handle this, also in the free version

Quick Edit: 186 of 1.167 Mails have the same wrong ‘date’. as shown, i began to look deeper but just gave up.
Compare Client View (in the Front) and above, the view after opened E-Mail.

I’ll give the beta a last try, because i love eM Client.
In the end its a thing of trust, in other words, using great sofwarte should not be risky, and simple processes should also not be buggy. Just popup a message (like eM Client do already) for a simple warning message or hint, that it could gone wrong.

Got my frustrating out, thanks for reading it :slight_smile: Now its time to find out,
is there any known issue, workaround, how to ?
Or any trick how to copy mails from one location to another? :slight_smile:


What date are you displaying?

Is it Received, Delivered or Sent?

on both received date should be shown . image

what im doin now is

  • i’ll try with simple labels, (wihtout : )
  • i´ll try to copy all emails in the 1st hierachy, without nesting labels

Glad that i´ve choosen the “copy method” :smiley:

Again, glad ive choosen the “copy method”

One example of again, bad results:


Destination after Copy

Have a look on 1st colum, the subject indicates the correct Date of the source Mail.
As a result below, 12 years above :smiley: ::smiley: sorry - i´ve really no idea whats goin wrong here.

But for now im sure, because the licesensed Version of eM Client has the same Code, there is no reason anymore to go further.

As said befoce, i´ll give a last shot on the Beta,
to rescue my love to eM Client, as my main Mail Solution, with the right portion of trust.

After some days and nights, not given any thougt on this issue (like eM’ies too)

I ve questions again, figured out on one e-mail, that show up false dates after copy.

You can see the E-Mail Header - there is the correct date. 11 Dec 2006
Also you can see the wrong date, that eM Client shows up, after copy. 18. Nov 2018

I´m not a pro, but as i fall first time in something like this… should a copy job change and mix date fields from source to destination? In front of this, how can u guarantee E-Discovery, Archiving, Compliance? Did anyone see here e v e n t u a l some Legal issues?

If not, anyway… it costs worktime, lifetime for some basics … ground zero basics imho.
and no, the copy job does not take 12 Years :rofl:

Anyway, something goes really wrong here