Written Text in Mail isn't sent

If a write a mail with eM Client the recipient only gets a blank mail. The subject is shown and the mail is definitely sent but the text that I wrote in my mail is gone.

Tried it with two different accounts - same story.

I downloaded and installed eM Client today. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the program but didn’t help.

Best regards

If the written email in eM Client looks ok in your “Sent” folder, then the issue is with the receiving email client (not reading HTML formatted emails) which is the default in EMC & 99% of email clients.

You can change this in eM client to test via “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose”. Click the dropdown to “Plain Text” as in example screenshot below and click “Apply & Ok”

Then compose another email to the receiver to see if they can read the body of the email. If that works then using Plain Text, then they will need to update their email client to the latest version or adjust their mailer setting to read HTML composed emails.

Thank you for your quick response!!
Actually, it was blank also in my sent folder.

I updated my Mac OS from 10.11 to 10.13 and now it is working.