Where do I start; I have been using or trying out every email client that I could find hoping to find one that was easy to use, easy to understand, lightweight, with all the features I could or would ever want for my on-line correspondence. As my luck would have it the last one I came across was eM Client.

Downloaded, installed and imported my settings, contacts, emails, and within a couple of minutes I was off and running and felt I had found the email client that feels so right that it could have been written just for me.

I write reviews for computer components for several manufacturers and have as many email providers so I must have the Pro version and that’s alright with me since eM Client is so well written and updated that paying only seems fair when you consider all of the advantages eM Client has over every other client you could try while looking for that perfect client.

The only Con I would mention is that I had not ran across this product when I sent out my very first email which would have surely made my on-line correspondence a pleasure instead of a chore.

Thank you eM Client for the good work you are doing with this easy to use software.


I can agree… i got pissed of about Outlook 2007 (causing weird problems) so i was looking for an alternative … finaly found eM and this is what i was looking for … going to buy lifetime licence…
Problems with POP access to email disappeared when using eM!
great job guys.