Wow! You guys just get worse and worse???

Wow! You guys just get worse and worse??? What is with the dots that travel across the screen forever because it takes so long for emails to load??? I would never pay for this email client, I thought it was great about 3 years ago but now not so much!

Seems to work just fine for thousands of other users, so maybe there is some issue with your connection or provider.

Are you getting any errors? Look in Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there is anything in the log. It could also be your anti-virus application or firewall that is causing a problem. Temporarily disable those and see if there is any difference.

What about your settings? Can you post what they are and we can see if there is something that can be changed.

Happens to me too on some occasions. Think it is due to the load on my email server; not a a fault of eMclient

Yes, once or twice I have had this on my rural connection at home. In town it never happens. Best to find out what the cause is, rather than trashing an excellent application.

Alex, if you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket if you cannot resolve this.