Would've liked to buy the Pro version but this thing keeps crashing!

Was using it for about a week and was loving it! But constant XMPP errors and then it started to crash repeatedly even after repairing database. So unless they fix it, going back to Thunderbird…

What version of eM Client are you using?

the latest version whichever it is that I downloaded from your website. I don’t want to open it to check the version  because it might crash and cause me to have to restart my computer again. 

and yes, I did back up the database and then start it with a new blank database and then tried to restore the backed up database to it. After I did that, it crashed again. From all I can tell, I did nothing out of the ordinary to cause any db corruption. It did it on its own

If you open the backup zip file and then open the manifest.xml file. That lists the version.

Or you can go to the application directory C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client and right-click on the MailClient.exe file. On the details tab you will see the version number.

Maybe the database is corrupt. As you are using GMail, all your messages will be on the server, so don’t restore from the backup - just setup your account in the blank database and see what happens.

the version number is 7.1.33101.0

If you disable the XMPP protocol, do you still experience any crashes?

If you rename the database, and then setup a new one without importing, do you still experience any crashes?