Would you also like contacts folders from iCloud accessible as folders in eM Client? Please vote YES!

Would you also like contact folders that synch with iCloud? I used to have this on MS Outlook and would benefit from it in eM Client…
For instance I would have a contact folder titled “Booked Weddings”, another marked “Telephony clients” another marked “Ad Agency” etc… so that I could keep my clients into some kind of order. These folders appeared in MS Outlook but would synch simply as a long list of contacts in iCloud and on my iPhone; but would synch back into their respective folders in Outlook. Can we have the same feature in eM Client? This feature would make eM Client far more effective for me (I love it in every other regard) and if so I can ditch MS Outlook forever.

At present, groups from iCloud behave as distribution lists, not folders.
If I could instead group my iCloud contacts when viewed in eM Client by folder, I could create a custom view for each folder that makes sense for each folder. For example some contacts, I’d want to see “anniversary date” so that I could sort according to that criteria.
For others, I’m more interested to know if they have an email address…etc.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider making the changes in future releases.


Thanks for the response Paul. In the meantime, what’s a workaround I could use please? I can see that my folders are now a bunch of contacts in “distribution groups” or similar; but I can’t act on these “en masse” to add, for example a category for each contact within; (which might be a good solution if I could do it).
Any suggestions?
I’m a bit desperate to get it sorted out…
Regards Chris

Hi, the issue you’re having is quite specific, I’m not sure how you could achieve this, you can use categories for different contacts, but you would be still limited to the one folder. Plus you would have to still use the distribution lists to sending messages to the whole group.

Not sure if this is any help, we’ll take a look at that, I hope we can improve this soon.

Thank you,