Would like the ability to check sender email address before opening mail

Currently when I receive mail, the columns for “From” only displays the “name” of the sender, and there is no option to display the sender email address. However, when receiving mail from unknown senders, I would really like to see the email address before I open the mail or mark it spam.

For example:

I would love the ability to hover the mouse of the sender name and see more information, such as sender email, whether they’re in my contact book, etc.

The current setup is making it difficult to have good security practices, as I need to open the mail (and potentially fire a tracking pixel) in order to see who it’s from.


This is not possible in the message list, but is configurable for the message preview. Even if you don’t enable the display of the address, hovering over the sender’s name will reveal it.

If you have your privacy settings configured to block content, then there is no possibility that any links within the message will be followed to the Internet.

Gary, I have been looking for this option for a long time. When sorting “From” I have to know which pseudonym was associated with the email address. Because the email could be sent from many different devices and the owner may have tied a different version of their name to each. The email I want to find could be under multiple “From” names despite all coming from the same email address. Is there anyway to get around this problem?

Not in the message list.

But the right side-bar contact view will show all messages from that sender’s address regardless of the name they have used.