Would it make sense to go back to the old version of eM Client ?

,as it always showed me exactly what I had post and sent etc
Now I find people have replied to me and its in my Sent box,not my replies and I have to click the 3 small ‘spots’ to see what they have said.I suppose to save space.

How do I do that? Version 7 has been nothing but problems for me. Drops messages and makes them unreachable. The previous version worked great for me and I REALLY would like to go back to it but I do not know how.

Same here, nothing but trouble. I’d go back a version straight away if I knew how.

So how can we go back ?  Anyone ?

First, I would back up your version 7 database, just in case. Then uninstall version 7 and install version 6. The upgrade to version 7 does not delete your files, simply leaves them alone and copies them into the new version 7 format, so when you install version 6, you should be back where you were prior to upgrade.

Where can I get a copy of Version 6?

Oh, sorry.  Go here:


How to revert back to Version 6: So many customers want to know, but the silence from eM Client Support is deafening!  It’s free software so what’s the issue?  Why can’t eM Client just offer Version 6 as a free ‘downgrade’ in the same way as they offered Version 7 as a free upgrade.  What are we missing here?

uhhh, you do not seem to be following the discussion very well.  Jay Ogram posted the revision history: http://www.emclient.com/release-history?_ You just go to that URL and click on the version that you want. I got the last version 6 release and my problems seem to have been resolved.

I did not have uninstall V6 to get V7 so did not lose email history.  But EM Client will not allow me to download version 6 until I have uninstalled version 7.  So my question is: To avoid losing email history and contacts how do I download eM Client version 6 without uninstalling version 7?

"But EM Client will not allow me to download version 6 until I have uninstalled version 7.  "

Who told you that? Version 6 downloads as a file (emclient.msi) that you have to run to install. I am not sure if I actually uninstalled Version 7 before I installed that copy of Version 6, but I do not believe I lost my email history.

I think you do have to uninstall version 7 first. To the extent you have received email in version 7 (POP3 only, IMAP will resync), export it to .eml files and import after you install v. 6. Same with any address book entries. V. 6 information should intact.

I like version 6 was much better than version 7 but you can not go back without uninstalling 7. So I am hoping that the developers realize that the new way of handling multiple replies is not good. I continually loose replies and items disappear from sent box.  I will stick with 7 for the moment but i much prefer 6

It sounds like your issues with version 7 relate to the new conversation mode.  You can turn this off by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/read and check “Disable conversations”.

Thank so much!!! I’ll give it a try